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Dear Friend,

My name is Jay Shawn and I have been a coach and a runner for more than 22 years. In my years running, I've witnessed and experienced almost every running injury.

I have put together a report that contains all you need to know about running pain and running injuries. Inside this comprehensive report, you will learn how to cure these injuries faster, strengthen your body to ensure high-speed recovery and feel better when you do your runs again!

STOP RUNNING PAIN is culled from my years of experience as both a runner as well as a running coach and it's jammed packed with tips that come straight from experience and from the the techniques used by the top sports medicine professionals in the world.

The tips and techniques as well as the recovery secrets it contains are not mere medical conjectures or some scientific theories. They have all been proven time and again to work!

I will reveal some surprising top-form running and stretching strategies that the pros use to assure safe and pain-free running. These top secret techniques haven't been shared - until now!

STOP RUNNING PAIN covers all fields before, during and after your runs!

Stop Running Pain contains a very COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW on the most common running injuries that runners suffer, including the tips on how to fix them properly.

Take the following cases...

Indeed, STOP RUNNING PAIN holds the keys to important techniques for strengthening and lengthening of your body muscles that most runners often take for granted.

Most runners fail to consider how the upper body and core are just as important as their legs. But with my report, you need not spend hours upon hours working with them. The methods contained within Stop Running Pain are easy and could be completed in your own living room on your own time. The key is to work smarter - not harder!

If you are still on the road to recovering from a running injury, I can teach you the most effective treatment so you can be back on your feet in no time! There is a portion of Stop Running Pain dedicated to RECOVERY TREATMENTS.

But what you will really love about this report is the...

STOP RUNNING PAIN system that is especially designed for all types of runners for a guaranteed pain-free run now and in the future!

I will introduce you to a PROVEN recovery system that not many runners and coaches know about. It is easy to follow, effective, convenient, and can be done at home! Forget the costly gym memberships!

The secret system WILL save you a lot of money and needless pain!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of STOP RUNNING PAIN right now! The tips and techniques contained are all 100% GUARANTEED TO WORK like no other!

You owe it to yourself to stop the agony and frustration brought on by running pain.

You owe it to yourself to also allow your body to heal properly!

When you make your purchase of the Stop Running Pain report, you will immediately be granted access to download it in PDF format. Normally, I sell this report for $99, but you have to understand that I am not just handing over to you a book - but a guaranteed well-kept system to enjoy a pain-free runs for your entire lifetime.

Still, we know the amount is only a drop off the bucket when compared to the hundreds of dollars you would need for doctor's diagnosis, x-ray scans, and tests after tests, medicines and therapies. Not to mention the effort and additional pain you put yourself through with such trial and errors!

Remember, I am personally guaranteeing your recovery and I am committed to my treatment programs! This is why, for a very limited time, I am also throwing in a couple of BONUS PRODUCTS that could help you get back on your feet and on the running track using all the years of experience I have.

BONUS #1: Recover Now - More Running Injuries

You know that until you learn to run with good form and follow the preventive measures of the Stop Running Pain System, you're still vulnerable and susceptible to injuries.

In this bonus report, I will teach you how to handle other running injuries, including:

BONUS# 2: Full Body Conditioning for Runners

Each runner knows that their body has specific conditioning needs to be able to run strong and prevent any running injuries. Thus, in this bonus guide, I have included the following:

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The STOP RUNNING PAIN system and all the bonus materials are worth a total of $200. However, because of the current economic downturn, and, I truly want to help out fellow runner enthusiasts like me, I am offering them all at only...



My iron-clad
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You will have noticeable improvements to your running injury by following the techniques in this book within 60 days. If not, I will refund your money. No questions asked.

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When I started running a couple of months ago, I wanted to lose weight. In the first week, my knee started hurting, bad. I was able to walk then run. But, anything longer than 5 minutes running started to hurt. Within 2 weeks of following the strengthening techniques in this book, my knees started to feel better. The exercises were tough at first, but I got better. I have now lost almost 5 pounds and can run for about 20 minutes. Thank you for writing this book.

John B. – New Runner


I thoroughly recommend Stop Running Pain. I have had a problem for the past year with my right calf. I would strain it, rest, then run for a couple of months before it would get pulled again. It was an ongoing cycle. Once I followed the techniques in Stop Running Pain, my calf, actually, both my calves, got much stronger. I can now run, pain free, even on the trails near my home with a lot of hills. Running is a joy again.

Liana C. – 20 Years Running


Thanks for the information about treating my hamstring injury. I'm following your exercises and feeling better.

Brad S. – Moorpark, CA


I had no idea that all the trails around my house were causing my knee pain. I've started doing the step downs and other exercises for my legs and can start to see improvements already.

Mike C. – Ashland, OR

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PPPS. You can take comfort in knowing your purchase is backed by my 60 day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Stop Running Pain System Stop Running Pain Secure credit card purchase.

This transaction is 100% safe and secure, using full encryption of your credit card information.


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"Stop Running Pain", is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not medical advice, nor should it be construed as advice from a medical professional. The reader of Stop Running Pain assumes all risk associated with the information contained therein. Injuries are part of the risk of running, therefore we are not responsible for any that may result or continue. Consult your physician or health care provider before beginning any therapy, recovery, nutrition or exercise program.